Microsoft Exchange and Remote Desktop Services Specialists

Exchange Server

Outsource your

If you’re an IT support company, we can equip you with the capabilities to provide top-level Microsoft Exchange services to your customers on an efficient and cost-effective basis.

By outsourcing Exchange support to Sembee you can complement your existing resources with our specialist skills, as and when you need them.

We offer a full range of consultancy services – you can read more about those here. Something we’re often asked to do is bring new customers’ servers up to date with the installation of service packs and updates. Our carefully-planned migrations help you to avoid costly downtime, protecting your relationship with the client.

We’re happy to work either as a member of your team, under the ‘umbrella’ of your own brand, or as an independent partner – whatever you prefer.

There are various different ways you could partner with us, from pre-purchasing a specific number of hours to commissioning us to carry out a large standalone project. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss the options.

Important note: For insurance and contractual reasons, servers and full legal liability must be in the UK.