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Expert support, advice and solutions from the UK’s leading independent Microsoft Exchange specialists.

What we do

At Sembee we look after the design, implementation, maintenance and monitoring, migration and upgrading of enterprise-level Exchange Servers. We also troubleshoot and fix problems, including rescuing failed, aborted or substandard deployments.

The Sembee story

Following our launch in 2003 as a general IT consultancy, we have specialised in Microsoft's Exchange Server and Blackberry Enterprise Sever since 2006. Today our clients range from small, five-user offices to fifty thousand-user multi-national organisations. We either work with them directly, or as part of their IT support team.

In addition to Exchange, we have expertise in the Blackberry Enterprise Server and Small Business Server products, with the capability to support:

  • Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016
  • Blackberry Enterprise Server 5, 10 and 12, and
  • Small Business Server 2008 and 2011.

Our approach

Because email is such a critical commodity for enterprise-level clients, our policy is to keep our solutions as simple and clean as possible. That way they can be quickly installed, and easily maintained, scaled and upgraded. We never waste a client’s time or money with over-complicated solutions.

We can carry out work on site or remotely. Unlike some other consultancies we never outsource services to third parties.

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Simon Butler

Managing Director
and Microsoft
Exchange MVP

A pure, dyed-in-the-wool "server guy", Simon has been working with Microsoft Exchange since 2003.

Awarded Microsoft Exchange MVP (Most Valuable Professional) status in 2005, Simon has specialised as an independent Exchange consultant since 2006. He also has a decade of experience working with Blackberry Enterprise Server.

When it comes to the Exchange environment, there's very little Simon hasn't done, seen or fixed, and he's renowned for his skill and persistence in pinpointing and solving problems.

His background in general network administration gives him the broad perspective required to understand the context around each Exchange implementation, and the ability to diagnose "external" issues affecting the solution.

A member of Microsoft's specialist advisory group, Simon is also able to draw on expertise and best practice gained from the world's largest Exchange implementations.

Simon's knowledge can be found all over the internet - in his own blog, on forums including, Microsoft Technet Forums and Experts Exchange, and within a number of technical articles he's written on Microsoft Exchange and its related technologies.

During the major Blackberry outage in 2011 he provided technical background information to the BBC (online and Radio 4), ITN and Channel 4 News, which was used and quoted in a number of broadcasts.

Simon lives in Oxfordshire with his wife Leigh and their cat Oscar.